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Infrastructure is the foundation on which a strong IT function is built. IT infrastructure outsourcing and management demand not only the right infrastructure in place, but also its proper management for your company’s smooth operation. So where does the challenge lie in the outsourcing and management of IT infrastructure?

It lies in ensuring that your:
  • Infrastructure outsourcing requirements meet the desired standards for Security, Reliability and Availability
  • Choice of Technology and allied IT infrastructure management processes is right
  • Existing technology infrastructure is performing at optimal levels
  • Total Cost of Ownership is comparable or even superior to industry benchmarks
  • Team has the right blend of skill and expertise to maintain the infrastructure domain

Selectively outsourcing Infrastructure Management results in significant cost savings, as well as a reduction in risk.

Benefits of outsourcing

Improving IT infrastructure uptime and productivity

To maintain high levels of availability without expensive ongoing investments in performance management technology, more companies are beginning to outsource IT infrastructure management to specialists.

Focus on core competencies

In addition to cost savings, this also impacts the organization’s ability to rapidly adopt to new technologies. By outsourcing Infrastructure Management, resources can be redeployed to critical projects that enhance business productivity and profitability. Enhanced ability to adopt new technology

To benefit from new technology, organizations must constantly evaluate, install and integrate new hardware and software. They are faced with the challenges of training existing staff, retaining highly specialized personnel or attracting skilled engineers and technicians. By outsourcing, some of the burden of evaluating and implementing new technology is passed on to a third-party that specializes in the field and therefore has access to the best talent in the area with an advanced skills and certified expertise.