Services | Overview

Alackrity helps our customers plan and design enterprise infrastructures, whether they are modernizing the enterprise, adding new IT services and applications or adopting managed services. We identify and architect the best approach for seamless communications. We assess the requirements, plan a solution, address security and implement the installation.

We work across varied verticals from Government, education, healthcare, to IT/ITes and help revolutionize their business processes and technology solutions through Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), combining IT agility with business flexibility to meet customer objectives through a business-driven architecture.

To be competitive, your organization needs to have a robust IT infrastructure that adapts to changing business needs. An IT environment that performs inadequately and is not aligned to business needs can result in high operational costs, inflexibility and poor resource utilization. Even if business needs are understood, the challenge is to translate them into operationally efficient solutions. This is where organizations often experience a big gap between their IT infrastructure strategy and the actual deployment, resulting in an increased cost base that can lead to costly remedial work and project overruns.

Alackrity’s Strategy and Design Services – infrastructure architecture and design uses a structured methodology to help provide a framework that can bridge the gap between strategic intent and deployed infrastructure. The architecture and design phase of any IT project should provide an efficient method to produce an integrated solution while helping ensure alignment with your business and infrastructure strategy. We oversee the architecture and design activity to help ensure a successful integration into your IT environment.

Our solution provides you with an infrastructure architecture to help reduce your IT infrastructure operating costs and improve performance. We help design an architecture solution that can support the integration and optimization of several infrastructure platforms including servers, storage, networks, operating systems, systems management and middleware as well as the optimal delivery model to support your business (such as cloud, multisourced). Our architects provide you with a strategic design to help you realize a greater return on your investments while also helping to reduce your total cost of ownership

To significantly enhance the value of your IT to the business, our architects can help design an agile infrastructure that is in sync with your business goals. With a focus on your high-level strategy, we help you define an effective technical implementation that more strongly aligns your investments and design with service delivery commitments and business requirements. This IT infrastructure architecture helps ensure that your infrastructure is flexible and responsive to dynamic business demands. And, our solution also helps you define a governance framework for managing the design, deployment and evolution of the architecture, enabling improved decision making.

Our services include:

  • Designing architecture
  • Implementing & maintaining customized turnkey projects
    • Data Center
    • Disaster recovery centers
    • Business continuity centers
    • Network operation centers
    • Security centers
  • IT policy building and standardization
  • System optimization - bandwidth IT Infrastructure performance
  • Management, maintenance, reporting & AMCs
  • IT infrastructure training
  • Domain specific technologies
  • IT infrastructure & software development
  • Consulting
  • Project management

Integration Services

Our highly skilled and certified engineers helps businesses identify, install, manage and deploy technology changes within data centers and extended IT environments.

Services are dynamic, dependable and customized to fit your needs and budget. Whether implementing new hardware, expanding current infrastructure, managing a data migration or physical data relocation, expertise is important. An experienced team who looks beyond the task level to provide a well-integrated big-picture solution that grows with a business is invaluable.

Using a combination of modeled solutions, deployment services, trained engineers and experienced project managers, we help businesses manage more. From complex integration, to the simple “start-up,” to orchestrating deep level configurations —it’s all possible. This enables businesses to focus on customers, innovation and operations, while we manage deployment from beginning to post-integration support.

Beyond basic plug and play, it’s important to mitigate risk and increase efficiency. Your needs are specific and unique. You may need to travel into uncharted territory, creating a plan of deployment from the ground up. Or, you may simply need installation and start up for new or existing hardware.

Our services manages all levels of customer deployment by focusing on the big-picture needs of a business first. Looking beyond the task level, we examine overall business goals. Then we plan out each intricate step to make sure your deployment runs smoothly, as well as speeds up the overall deployment process and significantly reduces shipping costs as well as on-site configuration time.

We are always focused on the larger goal of each deployment solution—to help reduce the time, risk and frustration throughout the process for business owners.

ACPL offers integration in:

  • Telecom Last Mile - Over Copper ( - up to OC3 - 155 Mbps), OFC & RF (2.4 Ghz & 5.8 Ghz)
  • Access Technologies Telecom - Internet, Intranet, Campus, Metro area, CDMA & VPN (MPLS - domestic & Global, IPLC, LL, IP Sec & SSL VPN, MPLS over Broad Band) etc.
  • Structured Cabling - Campus & LAN
  • Network Access Technologies - LAN, Data Center, Wi Fi, 10 Gig switching, VLAN, NAC & Data Compression over WAN, DR & BCP
  • Networking - Advanced Switching – core, distribution & access and Routing
  • Data Security - ASA, UTM, IPS, Encryption, AV, Content filtering, NAC etc.
  • Computing - Server & Server Virtualization
  • OS Administration Services - Microsoft & Linux (RHL)
  • IP Domain over LAN & WAN
  • Corporate Communication Systems - Voice, Video & Data over IP
  • Data Storage
  • NMS & EMS
  • Unified Communications - IP Telephony, Unified messaging, mobility
  • Video Conferencing & Surveillance
  • Support Infrastructure & Physical Security -
  • Fire - VESADA, Motion Detection, Access Control, System cooling, Illumination
  • Power - Power conditioning, Distribution & Generation
  • Digital Media Systems over WAN - Corporate messaging & internal advertising

Outsourced Support

Infrastructure is the foundation on which a strong IT function is built. IT infrastructure outsourcing and management demand not only the right infrastructure in place, but also its proper management for your company’s smooth operation. So where does the challenge lie in the outsourcing and management of IT infrastructure?

It lies in ensuring that your:

  • Infrastructure outsourcing requirements meet the desired standards for Security, Reliability and Availability
  • Choice of Technology and allied IT infrastructure management processes is right
  • Existing technology infrastructure is performing at optimal levels
  • Total Cost of Ownership is comparable or even superior to industry benchmarks
  • Team has the right blend of skill and expertise to maintain the infrastructure domain

Selectively outsourcing Infrastructure Management results in significant cost savings, as well as a reduction in risk.

Benefits of outsourcing

Improving IT infrastructure uptime and productivity

To maintain high levels of availability without expensive ongoing investments in performance management technology, more companies are beginning to outsource IT infrastructure management to specialists.

Focus on core competencies

In addition to cost savings, this also impacts the organization’s ability to rapidly adopt to new technologies. By outsourcing Infrastructure Management, resources can be redeployed to critical projects that enhance business productivity and profitability. Enhanced ability to adopt new technology

To benefit from new technology, organizations must constantly evaluate, install and integrate new hardware and software. They are faced with the challenges of training existing staff, retaining highly specialized personnel or attracting skilled engineers and technicians. By outsourcing, some of the burden of evaluating and implementing new technology is passed on to a third-party that specializes in the field and therefore has access to the best talent in the area with an advanced skills and certified expertise.