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Unified Compute Technology

Alackrity provides Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) which represents a radical simplification of traditional architectures, dramatically reducing the number of devices to be, deployed and maintained. Cisco UCS delivers end-to-end optimization for virtualized environments while retaining the ability to support traditional OS and application stacks in physical environments, thus reducing operating costs, simplifying management and upkeep of virtualized infrastructure

Alackrity understands that an enterprise in today's competitive and global economy should adapt while maintaining efficiencies. Virtualization technologies and solutions are integrated at the server and, network level, the desktop and in storage solutions.

This guarantees a solid virtual server foundation and results in delivery of a scalable, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure.

Our core service offerings include disaster recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure and server consolidation. These are essential to overall business continuity and the efficient operation of data centers and server farms from the perspective of reduced hardware resources, environmental usage variables and rack space.

Cisco Unified Computing System

Unite computing, networking, storage access and virtualization into a solution that separates scale from complexity.

RISC/UNIX Migration to Cisco UCS

Boost data center processing scale, resiliency and flexibility by transitioning servers from RISC/UNIX solutions.

Storage Interoperability

Cisco Unified Computing System supports a wide range of storage adapters and arrays including products from Emulex, Qlogic, EMC, NetApp and others.

Software Interoperability

Cisco Unified Computing System is a certified platform for leading enterprise applications, virtualization and operating systems


Simplifies IT infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible IT ecosystem with server and datacenter virtualization solutions. This ensures continued IT innovation while meeting enterprise application SLAs and increase time-to-market for application provisioning and upgrades.

Virtualization helps reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improves operating expenses through automation, while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

To achieve the same magnitude of benefits for the datacenter as a whole, virtualization of the entire infrastructure: extracting, pooling and auto management of datacenter resources—servers, storage, networking, security and availability and combining them with automated operations management and policy-based provisioning helps. The result is a Software-Defined Datacenter: an infrastructure platform that delivers the full efficiency and agility of cloud computing. Some benefits are

  • It reduces costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware with server consolidation.
  • Builds up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and delivers high availability throughout the datacenter.
  • Virtualizes enterprise apps, including Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and SAP, and delivers the highest SLAs and top performance.
  • Gains policy-based automation and ensures compliance and performance with a zero-touch infrastructure for virtualization management.

Hand-held Application

Hand-held technologies & applications are being extensively utilized in financial institutions, banks, major retailers and single shop outlets worldwide.

Services on offer vary from payment applications (local, international, debit, credit), value-added services (money transfers, mobile phone top-ups, loyalty cards and credit cards management, payment of fines, bills etc).

These turnkey technological solutions to institutions such as banks, insurance companies, government social schemes, microfinance institutions, and corporate enterprises, enable them to take their financial products and services to the doorstep of millions of unbanked and under-banked households across India.

Alackrity has been working closely with some of the pioneers in the hand-held technology space to provide a complete package vis a vis turn-key IT ecosystem bundled with hand-held applications & technologies.

Application Development

We develop software applications using a wide variety of tools and programming languages. Keeping in mind clients’ business and understanding their business processes based on past experience, we develop software for different industrial verticals. As part of each project we develop project specifications, schedule, testing, implementation and product technical support.

Our core working platforms include JAVA, ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, Embedded Technologies, Linux/Unix and WINDOWS platform.

Cloud Computing

Solving today's biggest business and technology challenges requires an approach that fully integrates the three pillars of cloud computing: applications and services, data centers, and networks, while constantly keeping pace with emerging trends. requiring greater agility and speed to support evolution in just weeks or months, instead of years.

A cloud is a powerful combination of cloud computing, networking, storage, management solutions and business applications that facilitate a new generation of IT and consumer services.

Alackrity in partnership with CISCO and IBM offers and monitors cloud services to serve customers effectively while improving profitability.

Cisco helps enable a world of many clouds–connecting people and organizations within, between and beyond the clouds to the user. Alackrity as a Cisco partner provides cloud computing solutions that deliver people-centric collaboration, assured user experience, dynamic and efficient cloud infrastructure, context-aware security, and accelerated deployment.

Cisco tools and resources are used to build a private cloud that improves productivity and reduces costs.

IBM SmartCloud Foundation is a set of technologies for building and managing virtualized infrastructures and private and hybrid clouds. Together these technologies help build a fully functional cloud management system that aids business transformation and new service delivery. Individually, these technologies can help nearly any cloud project make quick and incremental progress towards a longer term cloud strategy.