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Datacenter & BCP Solutions

The data center is the heart of an organization’s IT infrastructure, supporting computational power, storage and necessary applications. Data center infrastructure design is of paramount importance to provide an effective and scalable solution.

An ideal data center architecture offers a holistic approach to design, operation, and delivery of IT services. This approach makes it easier for IT to integrate existing technology silos and:

  • Respond more quickly to business demands
  • Reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses
  • Simplify IT operations

At Alackrity we provide architectures which are flexible for enterprise or service provider environments. Our unified framework supports diverse data center goals, such as:

  • Consolidation and virtualization
  • Private cloud computing
  • Application or infrastructure-as-a-service
  • Big data

We combine components from technology leaders like APC, Cisco, VMWare, IBM and EMC to provide consolidated and comprehensive data center solutions to customer.

In addition to the above, we offer a comprehensive disaster recovery & business continuity program to retrieve lost data swiftly and smoothly in the event of natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances ensuring system availability with least or no down time and denial of service.

Endless Ancillary Services

When it comes to providing an end-to-end turn-key data center, we leave no component untouched. We cover the entire range of services including non-IT components, civil works, interior works, electrical components etc, allowing perfect coordination and a faster implementation lifecycle.

Power ups, gen-set to enable an ‘always-up’ IT ecosystem.

Fire Protection: Fire extinguishers, optical smoke detectors, Vesda (very early smoke detection apparatus), FM 200 to provide early warnings in case of emergency to mitigate risks in an eventuality.

Access Control: Fingerprint based biometric access control system and proximity card reader to provide physical security and restrict anonymous entries.

CCTV: IP Camera , DVR based Camera, PTZ Camera for remote and local surveillance.

OthersSecurity Services:
Water leak detection system: The leak sensor detects electrically conductive fluids.
Rodent Repellent System: This device makes undesirable sound waves to drive away rodents.
Building Management System: Used to monitor hardwares, software, CCTV’s.

Managed Service

Server & Application Management

SolarWinds deliver powerful and affordable IT management and monitoring software. SolarWinds IT management and monitoring software helps manage the performance and availability of servers, applications and websites.

Network Management

SolarWinds network management software is powerful, affordable and easy to use. It makes it easy to discover and map network devices, monitor network performance, analyze network traffic, manage and back up network configurations, track IP addresses, find rogue devices, and much more.


Openstack is another important open source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) initiative for createand manage large groups of virtual private servers in a cloud computing nvironment.

OpenStack has a modular architecture that currently has three components: compute, storage and image service.

  • OpenStack Compute - a cloud computing fabric controller for provisioning and managing large networks of virtual machines (VMs).
  • OpenStack Object Storage - a scalable storage system that provides support for both object storage and block storage.
  • Image Service - a delivery service that provides discovery and registration for virtual disk images.

We provide hassle-free IT ecosystem serving our customers with the best of both technology as well as service.