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Telecom & access technology

Alackrity provides the last mile connectivity from the nearest POP to customer premises. With our vast experience in telecom & network integration and close association with ISPs, we ensure fiber-class speed, quality & reliability irrespective of the media.

Our OEM-certified team is equipped with latest technologies to deliver unmatched value proposition to our customers.

Borderless unified collaboration

Business today increasingly requires ongoing interaction with customers, partners and associates, who may be geographically spread. To harness the power of participation we implement a collaborative architecture enabling seamless communication

Think Comprehensively, Build Incrementally

The elements of Cisco Collaboration Architecture establish a collaboration core that powers compelling experiences both within and among organizations. Working together as a module, these capabilities allow development of investment plan that helps ensure interoperability with existing assets. Such collaboration architectures, also provide:

  • Highly secure and reliable access from any location
  • A consistent user experience on any device
  • Delivery of any data - video, voice and text for immersive interaction


For most organizations, the network perimeter has expanded and blurred with the proliferation of social networking, remote access and cloud computing. It is still crucial to define an organization’s structure & classify its security layers for full-proof security perimeter.

The answer lies in a more holistic approach to building a security protection plan that mitigates malicious attacks, access misuse and corrupting systems and data. This helps to keep focus on protection, detection and reaction.

Four key network areas to consider when developing a strong information security strategy are:

Gateway and Network

Gateway protection is critical. Effective threat prevention solutions include anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, intrusion prevention, firewall and virtual private network services and network access control.

Server Security

Attackers see servers as keys to the kingdom. Even when the server doesn’t contain the information sought, it still provides a means of accessing it. Anti malware protection, authentication, IP security and content filtering help minimize this threat.

Client Security

Attackers often attempt to compromise client systems to gain access. Threat prevention tools include anti virus, personal firewalls, threat protection and anti-spyware.

Application Security

Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in application code to access or manipulate the information within it. Employing firewalls and authentications to protect applications and implementing security policies mitigate these risks.

Alackrity has a niche in assessing business requirements from a security perspective and selecting and implementing the right solution for IT environment. Our approach includes:

  • An initial assessment to understand, requirements and budget
  • Assessment of the existing network infrastructure and security solutions
  • Detailed recommendations for a suitable technology to cater to the present as well as future requirements.
  • Procurement, configuration and deployment of the solution.
  • Ongoing support.